We Are Looking For HorsePower. Yours!


Through the years, many of you have been generous with your willingness to talk about the Daytrotter sessions that these incredibly talented artists that we invite into our studios record. You've been gracious with your love and support of Daytrotter. We've appreciated it all and we hope that you'll continue to do this. We want to encourage all of you Daytrotter lovers to do so.

If you share a Daytrotter session over Facebook, Twitter or email, anyone who becomes a monthly, one year or two year Daytrotter member through that link will be attributed to you. With enough referrals you will start to earn things from us! Exchange referrals for a sweet reward or choose to save up for a higher tier. The levels of rewards can be found below and these will be added to/enhanced with new levels as the program goes along. Thanks for everything! Spread the Daytrotter word! Support great musicians and get some DT loot.

-- Mr. Daytrotter

Bring us
And we’ll give you
5 members
Free vinyl (choices vary)
10 members
$25 Daytrotter gift certificate
20 members
exclusive Daytrotter poster signed by a Daytrotter band (choices vary)
30 members
$50 Daytrotter gift certificate and one of a kind Polaroid of a band that inspired the Daytrotter session illustration
60 members
personal Daytrotter illustration of yourself done by Daytrotter illustrator Johnnie Cluney

Referrals do not carry over once exchanged. Daytrotter Media LLC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its promotions at its discretion.