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Says Adam Duritz - “Playing a Barnstormer 4th of July gig at the Codfish Hollow Barn was better than I ever imagined. And I imagined a lot. I watched Barnstormer tour films of other bands on Daytrotter for years and dreamed of playing one ourselves but nothing prepared me for what it was really going to be like. I drove up to Maquoketa the night before with Foreign Fields, slept in the farmhouse, woke up early the next morning, and spent the whole day down at the Barn, ending in an unreal 7hr concert. Best night ever. Dave Godowsky, Field Report, Foreign Fields, Filligar, and Counting Crows.


Best. Night. Ever. I’m still tired.”

Nestled between a few burning to death fields of Iowa corn, a dilapidated old farm house and down a dusty gravel road was a barn and the most unlikely place that you could have ever expected to find Counting Crows on this Independence Day. It was the 2nd Barn on the 4th event that we staged in Maquoketa, Iowa, at the now legendary Codfish Hollow barn and a sold out crowd of 600 people braved 100-plus degree temperatures to witness what has to be the most epic concert that one of America’s most lasting and appreciated contemporary rock and roll bands has ever played. It lasted three hours – with one 5-minute break before an encore – after which Duritz asked a crew member what time it was. Upon hearing that it was just after 1 am on July 5th, he collapsed into the country green on the backside of the barn, gleefully saying, “Three hours,” with a big smile on his face.