Dear Daytrotter Universe,

Thank you

Why Daytrotter? Well, when we started Daytrotter in the early spring of 2006 it was created as a place of discovery for music lovers and a hole-in-the-wall-of-the-Heartland haven for passionate and inspiring musicians criss-crossing and cross-crissing the country and the world, hoping to find open and sympathetic ears. We're proud to say that Daytrotter has been the lifeblood or the beginning for thousands and thousands of artists through the years and the Daytrotter community consists of a knitting together of people, art and the musical honey that our hearts are drawn to. We use our studio here in Rock Island, Illinois, to capture pure musical magic on a daily basis and make those moments -- these important documents of a day and and a time -- available to the world to pick through and hold dear when they find something that they can't help but love.

Since the beginning and to this day, we have recorded over 2000 sessions, with multiple new sessions being taped every day. Some of these bands have gone on to wide acclaim, others were already there and some found that rocky rock and roll road, but all of them contributed to the musical fabric.

For the hundreds of thousands of people who have enjoyed this site and for the millions and millions of downloads and streams that we’ve happily given to you, we’d like to think that the answer to the question, "Why Daytrotter?" is that you’ve grown to trust us, love us and you enjoy what we do, and that, in some small way, we improve your day.

Some have asked, not just "why Daytrotter," but, "how does Daytrotter do this"; that is, provide all this music for free. The answer to this isn't easy. While we make some money from ads, and some money from the sale of things like lossless downloads of sessions, this has never covered the cost of what it takes to keep Daytrotter doing what it does., we change the "how" of Daytrotter, but not the "Why" of Daytrotter. We're asking you to help us keep doing what we do. We've tried to make it an easy decision by pricing it so low. Frankly, we would rather not have to rely on advertising dollars to keep helping these artists, we’d much rather rely on you, our fans. You and these incredible musicians are who we’re doing this for and for whom we will always do this for.

Daytrotter considers music to be holy and in our efforts to give as many artists the chance they deserve -- the opportunity to be taped and put before an audience that we have come to understand as connoisseurs of music, word and hand-made art -- we spend considerable money and time to make sure that we do this right. In addition to recording these unique, one-of-a-kind sessions here in Rock Island, we are working closely with our friends Communion Records (a label and movement started by Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons and Kevin Jones) in London, along with friends/studios in Montreal, Portland, Oregon, Nashville, Asheville, NC, Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California to chronicle as much as we possibly can, for the greater good.

You can help assure that this happens (aka, here's what you get!). Just purchase a monthly pass to Daytrotter for the token fee of $4 or a one year pass for just $32 for the entire year. This allows you access to everything on the site: All new session postings (5 new sessions posted M-F - roughly 100 new songs weekly), the archive of over 2000 previous Daytrotter sessions and audio and video content of hundreds and hundreds of exclusive Barnstormer tour shows and other live performances throughout the years. AND, you listen in live as we tape sessions - we stream a bunch live every week, to your computer or our iPhone or Android apps, wherever you may be. It's as if you're in the studio with your favorite artists.

We know that you will love what you hear. Thank you for all your support! It means the world to us. -- Mr. Daytrotter