Frequently Asked Questions

Download Questions

How do you deliver downloads?

Our Download Manager is no longer required to get your download. Instead we are delivering single ZIP files that contain each session’s mp3 files. If you haven'tused a zip file before, it’s quite simple. On most computers you can just double-click on the zip file to extract it to a folder containing the session mp3 files, and from there you can drag them into iTunes or whatever library you use.

If double-click doesn't work, try right-clicking on the zip file and selecting the appropriate option from the menu that appears.

If your zip file didn't download click this link to try it again. If you’ve tried that and are still have problems click this link to contact us.

Where is the session zip file after I've downloaded it?

The session zip file is stored in your browser's Downloads folder. For most people this is your PC or Mac's "Download" folder, which you should have no trouble finding.

Why have you stopped using the Daytrotter Download Manager?

Our download manager was based on the Java language. In the last twelve months this has caused problems for an increasing number of our members, as Apple, Google and other browser developers have strengthened the security of their browsers. Moving to zip files has allowed us to better deliver your downloads safely and easily.

What kind of files am I downloading - mp3, flac, alac - and what bitrate?.

Downloads and audio streams at Daytrotter are all from 320k mp3 files.