Strand of Oaks' Favorite Daytrotter Songs

10 songs / 38:43

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  1. 1 Six Parts Seven / Fuck Everything
  2. 2 The Wooden Sky / Something Hiding For…
  3. 3 Cast Spells / Pioneer Scalps
  4. 4 Small Sur / Sea Stones
  5. 5 Castanets / You Got Lucky
  6. 6 Richard Buckner / Town
  7. 7 Magnolia Electric Co. / The Dark Don'…
  8. 8 Sam Buck Rosen / Trenchtown
  9. 9 Phosphorescent / A Death, A Proclamation
  10. 10 Deerhunter / Heatherwood

By: Daytrotter Playlists

Playlist Description

I've been aware of Daytrotter probably since its creation. So many friends came back to me with stories of this sweet studio somewhere in the Midwest. Being a native Hoosier, I was immediately filled with pride to know that folks were doing amazing things without the need to chase them down in a big city. The list I chose represents exactly what I love about Daytrotter. Some songs are by friends, some by heroes, and some are bands that I would normally never listen to.

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