Courtney BarnettMar 6, 2014 Studio Paradiso, San Francisco, CA

  1. Welcome to Daytrotter00:13
  2. Avant Gardener04:50
  3. History Eraser03:18
  4. Canned Tomatoes04:36
  5. Lance Jr03:15

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Shawn Biggs at Studio Paradiso, San Francisco, California

Nothing is too minute for Australian Courtney Barnett to give considerable thought to. These aren't worthless topics, mind you, or fragments of drivel teased to boredom, but substantial dips into the dynamic and clever mind of a memento and anecdote hoarder. Hers are stories that are detailed and sweaty with energy that can only come from an overactive imagination that gravitates more toward the dull tones of reality than the fantastic reaches of fantasy. Barnett's daily life -- and we're talking every part of it, the booze, the boredom, the pleasuring, the music, the sleep, the garden, collecting the mail, the characters -- is turned into brilliantly inventive and arresting snapshots of a roving and roaming soul. She just might be our next Kurt Cobain, in her own way.

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