DevinJul 27, 2012 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. New Horrors
  3. You're Mine
  4. Masochist
  5. I Don't Think I

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Grant Johnson at Good Danny's, Austin, Texas

Seductions can get twitchy because people get twitchy. They're unable to sit still. They're unable to just remain cool, intact. They fray and find themselves going mostly nuts in this rather normal act of finding, being with and existing with another person that they find attractive and stimulating. Many times, it just becomes too much and they get the shakes. They start rumbling and shivering. They start seeing spots and they feel their thoughts quickly marbling.

Then they just let the steam out into the neighborhood and if they do it the way Devin Therriault of Devin does it, that means that they're spraying the place with frantic and harried punk rock songs in the way that The Mr. T Experience and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists write or wrote punk rock songs. They blitz and they flare, they spin and fling spittle and blood all over the place, just as a celebration of the madness and a purging of the impurities - of which there are always going to be too many to count, or live with.

The one thing that becomes clear, early into one of Devin's devilish numbers, is that there's never any shortage of drama to be had. Men stoke everything that they're given. They never make it easy on themselves. Or is it the other way around? Therriault sings, "In the throes of love/In the throes of death," at one point, making a case for there being a similar form of ecstasy involved with both a permanent ending and an impermanent beginning. These relationships get all kinds of messy, even while they're insanely entertaining. The men that Devin portrays seem to be mostly of the chivalrous kind, bending and breaking for their ladies, falling into a classic version of the good guy who's getting shunned or taken for granted more than they'd like. They point out the deficiencies of other suitors on "I Don't Think I," reminding them that there's no chance they'd ever behave that way. They realize, however, that they're dealing with impractical creatures - these fiery women, these pills of poison. He sings, "Eyes like swans/Smoke from her nose and mouth/She looks soooooo gooooood," on "New Horrors," knowing that there's always going to be a new beast out there, with a new way of using a weakened man. It's then that the spittle flies, as the thrashing begins.

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