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  1. Twain / LIttle Dog Mind
  2. J.E. Sunde / Easy Kid
  3. Grizzly Bear / He Hit Me
  4. Real Estate / Suburban Dogs
  5. Here We Go Magic / Collector
  6. The Bronzed Chorus / How Gooda Friends Are Ya?
  7. The Dodos / Jodi
  8. Dosh / Fireball
  9. HEALTH / Death +
  10. CROSSS / Lucky Loki
  11. The War On Drugs / Baby Missiles
  12. Water Liars / Backbone
  13. Magic Sword / Only Way In
  14. Mountain Swallower / You Don't Feel The Way I Do
  15. er lang / Man Oh Man (Why Oh Why)
  16. Juan Wauters / Water
By: Daytrotter
Playlist Description

Week 2: Ian Picks

Songs To Listen To While Waiting For A Storm To Pass

"The Quad Cities benefited from a very dry winter this year, but we made up for it with the large amounts of rain we have gotten this year. While this has been good for our wildflower population, it’s lead to many days staring out a window. I wanted to make a rainy day playlist that simulates a storm, it starts out slow, works its way up to a fury and ends calmly."
- Ian, Head Recording Engineer

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