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  1. Har Mar Superstar / Lady, You Shot Me / Prisoner
  2. Vampire Weekend / Oxford Comma
  3. The Dodos / Horny Hippies
  4. Golden Fleece / Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
  5. Har-Di-Har / The Bottom Dollar
  6. Kansas Bible Company / Ty Seagull
  7. Valley Hush / Amazon
  8. GOSH! / Claire Says
  9. Belmont / Shackles
  10. GGOOLLDD / Undercovers
  11. Tamar Aphek / Drive
By: Daytrotter
Playlist Description

Week 7: Ian Picks

"For the last two summers my car has had no AC. And don’t let our geographic location fool ya, the Quad Cities get plenty hot and humid. My only viable option is to drive my car fast with the windows down and let the wind do the work for me.

Here is a list of songs meant to be played
loud with the windows down."
- Ian, Head Recording Engineer

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