1. Mumford & Sons and Friends / Reincarnation 01:32
  2. Mumford & Sons and Friends / Atlantic City 04:38
  3. Laura Gibson / In The Pines 04:18
  4. Punch Brothers / Sexx Laws / Train On The Island 06:54
By: dan.mcgurk
Playlist Description

Although a short list.. I didn't want to waste time with so-so songs. These four gems made my membership worth it.

The first two are from the must have session, Mumford & Sons and Friends.

#1 Reincarnation, is a Roger Miller standard. In this take, the "friend" of Mumford & Sons is Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. It's such a simple and pure song, that I find my self singing it to my daughter during our walks together.

#2 Atlantic City, written by a "poet of New Jersey" as quoted from NJ Gov Chris Christie on SNL, Bruce Springsteen. This 30 year old song is a duet between Marcus Mumford and Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes. It's just slightly haunting with the recent slight death of New Jersey's coast.

#3 In The Pines. Another traditional, covered by many throughout the years, including versions by Nirvana and Lead Belly with it's other common name "Where Did You Sleep Last Night", is a great fit for Laura Gibson and her haunting style.

#4 Sexx Laws. I would have never expected to find a cover of the diverse Beck on a session with a Bluegrass band. I should have learned by now to not limit my experiences by a silly thing such as expectations. Chris Thile & Co. of Punch Brothers are not one to be tied down by rules and do an amazing cover of this popular song with a very close facsimile despite entirely different instrumentation.

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