1. Hayes Carll / KMAG YOYO 03:55
  2. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Texas Blues 04:01
  3. Other Lives / Dust Bowl III 04:11
  4. Justin Townes Earle / Biscuits 02:08
  5. Ponderosa / Old Gin Road 03:37
  6. The Sheepdogs (Pop Montreal Session) / I Don't Know 03:21
  7. The Budos Band / Unbroken, Unshaven 04:23
  8. Truth and Salvage Co. / Pure Mountain Angel 04:40
  9. The Black Angels / Bad Vibrations 04:10
  10. The Tallest Man On Earth / I Won't Be Found 03:38
By: Daytrotter
Playlist Description

I'm a big fan of Daytrotter. Not only because they showcase new artists, but because they share my personal favorite recording philosophy: throw a band into a room with vintage gear, put a few choice mics up, fire up the tape machine, and play the songs. There are no tricks. I mean it. When my band and I were tracking our session we had to play a few of the songs two or three times to get the right feel; and we still had mistakes. But that's exactly what makes it great. I'm tired of hearing the over-produced, quantized, and auto-tuned recordings that have become so readily expected these days. Can you imagine if you heard "Grinnin' In Your Face" by Son House with perfectly in time claps or auto-tuned vocals? It wouldn't have the same magic. Any how, the guys at Daytrotter are doing something cool and fresh and I'm behind it all the way. I picked a few of my favorite songs from the archives I hope you'll dig. Cheers. -JT

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