1. Department of Eagles / What is Your Deal? 03:37
  2. The Dodos / Jodi 05:54
  3. Los Lobos / Kiko and the Lavender Moon 03:54
  4. Deerhoof / Buck and Judy 03:04
  5. Dark Dark Dark / Daydreaming 04:51
  6. Bonnie Prince Billy / Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone 03:02
  7. Grizzly Bear / Little Brother 06:37
  8. Tape / Beams 05:15
By: Daytrotter
Playlist Description

Here's my list of the best Daytrotter songs of all time (at least of those sessions that I have digested). A little something for everyone, I think. Old-timers, New-timers, Two-timers etc. I've left off bands that I play with, 'cause that would be..... Anyway, I guess the common denominator with all these bands (except Tape) is that I've seen them all play live, and they have all blown me out of the water. Hope you enjoy the jams. Yours truly, Martin Dosh.

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