1. Cass McCombs / County Line 06:48
  2. Abe Vigoda / Repeating Angel 05:35
  3. Caribou / Leave House 06:14
  4. Deerhoof / Chatterboxes 02:05
  5. Big Troubles / Bachelor Kisses 03:27
  6. Beach House / Used To Be 04:02
  7. Au Revoir Simone / Take Me As I Am 02:06
  8. Folklore / The Party 03:04
  9. Sonny Smith / Year of the Cock 05:49
  10. Aqua Teen Hunger Force / Frosty The Red-Nosed Snowman 01:43
By: Daytrotter
Playlist Description

I've done Daytrotter three times now, and it's always been a brutal case of waking up at the crack of dawn in Chicago or Iowa City and watching the sun rise as we're headed to Rock Island. My jam timeframe typically exists between the hours of 10pm and 4am - it's like my voice and fingers don't even work until then. It's a always a struggle to get it going so early for the esteemed Daytrotter. Here are ten songs by ten artists that did it much better than I could ever dream of doing it. They transcend all time barriers. -- by Sean Rawls of Still Flyin' and Masters of the Hemisphere

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