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  1. Six Parts Seven / Fuck Everything
  2. The Wooden Sky / Something Hiding For Us In The Night
  3. Cast Spells / Pioneer Scalps
  4. Small Sur / Sea Stones
  5. Castanets / You Got Lucky
  6. Richard Buckner / Town
  7. Magnolia Electric Co. / The Dark Don't Hide It
  8. Sam Buck Rosen / Trenchtown
  9. Phosphorescent / A Death, A Proclamation
  10. Deerhunter / Heatherwood
By: Daytrotter
Playlist Description

I've been aware of Daytrotter probably since its creation. So many friends came back to me with stories of this sweet studio somewhere in the Midwest. Being a native Hoosier, I was immediately filled with pride to know that folks were doing amazing things without the need to chase them down in a big city. The list I chose represents exactly what I love about Daytrotter. Some songs are by friends, some by heroes, and some are bands that I would normally never listen to.

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