Point ReyesMar 19, 2012 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

  1. Welcome to Daytrotter00:05
  2. Maine04:06
  3. Unlake03:51
  4. Nets04:39
  5. Movie05:32

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Mike Gentry

Some people get the feeling that they're more different then other people. They know they're not the same, they're just not sure to what extent they're not the same. It doesn't mean better or worse, it just means that there's a part of their head that knows that the parts that they have do not go n the holes that they see all over the place. It's a little like walking around with a dead or dying cell phone - charger in-hand - and there's no outlet that you can get any juice out of. It's all for other people, not you. Most of these types become artists and they put it all to good use. They get their juice from somewhere and they'll feel a little better for a while, even if nothing still makes any sense whatsoever, even if they make no sense whatsoever.

The band, Point Reyes, made up of Asa Horvitz, Kyle Farrell, Dan Bindschedler, Jack Randall, couldn't sound any more like outsiders if they tried. They are smitten with the kinds of strange jiggles of ideas and spare thoughts that brew themselves when you're tired and loopy, when the lubrication is enough to make every fleeting thought one what seems alright to let fly and see if it sticks. The lines that Horvitz strings together are clever, witty and honest as hell. They're coerced admissions - many of which seem like they sprang up through the assistance of mushrooms.

Some of them sound self-deprecating, but that's not right. There is no shame involved when he sings of his slackerdom, "Ha ha I'm lazy/Ha ha I love it." It goes on like that, the references to himself and what's bubbling inside. He offers so many odd and extravagant quip - some of them dreams, most of them just bizarro statements that, if they weren't being recorded, would be forgotten about like a smoke. He sings, "Learn to be as weird as we want," and it's a motto. It's what gets him from one day to the next, this desire and need to be closer to what he feels is in there.

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