PonychaseNov 8, 2012 Big Light Studio, Nashville, TN

  1. Brainwasher04:40
  2. Cup Of Hearts03:05
  3. Running With The Pack03:55
  4. Two Times03:44

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Josh Niles of Big Light Studio, Nashville, Tennessee

Long one of our favorite singers and songwriters in all of Nashville, Jordan Caress has outdone herself with her newly created band, Ponychase. The songs that she's collecting her this group's debut album are lip-smacking and heartbreaking works made by someone who knows their way around those little words and unforgettable moments within which everything changes. The little words are usually the ones that are thought, but never said. A deep inhale might be taken and then nothing, just waiting, just the dull beating of two hearts with nothing more to say to one another. They've never made themselves clear and they don't plan to.

You can get fat on her gorgeous aching. It's the kind of aching that comes when someone is so committed to love, so willing to throw everything in the air and just give of themselves. The people in these songs are all like that. They've got no problem getting hurt. They don't enjoy it, but the percentage for error is always great in instances like these - ones where the choice is laid out there so nakedly and with no give to the offer. It has to be all or nothing or it wouldn't be worth getting involved with.

Caress sings, "I dreamt I had your hand/There were hundreds of fireflies/There was music in the air," and knows that this is the best it's ever going to be - while she sleeps. She knows that it's never going to be easy when you're running with the wolves across a floor covered in shards of broken glass and burnt kisses.

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