The Lone BellowJan 12, 2013 Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN

  1. You Can Be All Kinds Of Emotional
  2. You Never Need Nobody
  3. Stage Banter
  4. You Don't Love Me Like You Used To
  5. Green Eyes and A Heart of Gold
  6. If Heaven Don't Call Me Home
  7. Stage Banter
  8. I Let You Go
  9. Watch Over Us
  10. Two Sides of Lonely
  11. Tree To Grow
  12. Bleeding Out
  13. Stage Banter
  14. Button
  15. Stage Banter
  16. Angel From Montgomery
  17. The One You Should've Let Go
  18. Stage Banter
  19. Looking For You
  20. Teach Me To Know
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